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Brisbane artist - Gregory Hale

Gregory Hale is the artist based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Greg's unique perspective on life and form is often reflected, twisted and rearranged into beautiful, and sometimes confronting, works of art. His abstract works can be explained as 'making sense of chaos'.

It would be a mistake to dismiss his work as merely patterns or prints. He is a modern artist working with the latest tools and colours, creating intimate, abstract, original and contemporary works of art.


Greg's current inspiration is drawn from Australian, American and Japanese culture; indigenous peoples from the Americas and South-West Pacific; tribes and rituals; passion; the human body; water; nature and animals.

Often his original interpretation is lost or hidden within the work, and new meanings emerge as the works are developed. Many have evolved to, or from, the human form', using the shapes of the human body as the inspiration of some artworks. The unusual titles may give a hint of an underlying meaning or theme of the work, but as he states 'Art shouldn't need to be explained to be enjoyed’. Each person will have a different interpretation or reaction to some of his pieces and here lies the beauty of his art.


Greg's artworks are conceived as hand-drawn pencil drawings. They are then digitised and carefully redrawn by hand in vector format, layered and coloured using restricted palettes of four to six contemporary colours and then other effects added.

Find out more about the artist and shop his full portfolio in SAATCHI ART- Gregory Hale

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