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Thursday, 19 June 2014 00:00

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Australia is becoming more and more culturally diverse and with that the idea of what defines beauty is changing too.

One only has too look back to the early 20th century in Australia when Norman Lindsay was painting voluptuous beauties, portraying them as goddesses in his etchings, scupltures and other artworks.

In the 1980’s Elle Macpherson was seen as the ‘ideal’ Australian beauty. At the time when Elle graced the catwalks, it was rare to see anyone other than white Anglo-Saxon models in advertising in Australia.

More recently the likes of Megan Gale and Miranda Kerr are seen as ‘ideal’ Aussie beauties. Then there is the stunning Samantha Harris of Aboriginal heritage, who appears to have redefined the ‘ideal’ Australian woman.

Every country and culture has their own definition of beauty. A recent visual study by Esther Honig, included almost 40 photoshop artists from 25 different countries and shows that beauty really is in they eye of the beholder.

Esther provided her photo to each person with the only brief being ‘make me beautiful’. The results are fascinating.

To read more about her project, vist:!before--after-/cvkn

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